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After experimenting with skin care products from the retail lines with Shiseido and Clinique, I was thoroughly disappointed with the slow and poor results
after spending 100's of dollars on their lines over the years. But, after seeking out Ida she helped repair my sun damaged skin and pigmentation that
developed as I reached my mid-40's. I was pleased to see the clear difference in my complexion and clarity of my facial features. I looked much more vibrant
and even layered after utilizing her Harmony Mousse, Fade Cream, Radiant Cleanser, Repair Cream, and Eye Cream for about 2 years, and looked as I did in
my 30's. Her line. Ida is the best! She does her magic.
Kiyomi Jung

Quite honestly this is the best skin care product I've ever used. I started using ZaidanRN two months ago and I absolutely love this product. The All-In-One
Cleanser, Eye Care Cream and the great Repair Cream is all I use daily. I do not have to use six different products to get the great results that I am enjoying.
While grocery shopping, an 85 year old lady complimented me on how beautiful my skin looks, stating "And you don't even have on makeup". I truly love this

My skin has never looked better!  I use cream and glycolic for managing break-outs and a masque for clarifying/brightening. In the past year, I've also started
using the Repair Cream from ZaidanRN, which is wonderful.  My pores appear tighter and stay much clearer. I have extremely oily skin and ZaidanRN product
is the only product that has been able to bring my skin into balance. Thank you!

When I turned 40 the look and feel of my skin started changing. I was looking at all kinds of options from products to procedures when my friend told me
about the fabulous products she discovered. I began using ZaidanRN immediately and have continued using these products for the past few years. I love the
way my skin feels now and the compliments I get. I really believe the Repair cream has made my skin look younger. Thank you ZaidanRN.

ZaidanRN Products: I have suffered from acne for twenty-two years and have tried everything on the market. Nothing has come close to ZaidanRN in treating
my acne. Friends and family are amazed and strangers compliment me on my skin not even realizing I have acne. Anyone who suffers from acne knows how
difficult it is to treat and how much time, money and heartache are involved. I am so grateful that Ida has introduced me to ZaidanRN. I never worry about
hiding my face anymore. I can go without makeup because the products leave my skin clear, smooth, and glowing. I use ZaidanRN exfoliating cleanser and
acne cream. A little goes a long way. The routine is simple and it works!
Jennifer, 38 years old

Last week as I stood in front of 400 people, I had the utmost confidence about how I looked. For years, I have entrusted my face and skincae only to Ida. She
has taken me through my thirties and into my forties, and I consistently receive comments that I don't look my age, or that I look younger. As a very busy
executive, I can rely on Ida's professionalism and integrity of services and on her skincare line, ZaidanRN. My whole family including teenagers and my
husband now use ZaidanRN products. They are effective, beautifully packaged and I trust Zaidan RN.
Deborah Ale Flint

Up until I began using Zaidan RN, I had blotchy skin and large pores that are magnets for dirt and pollution. I have always invested in high quality products
either formulated by or recommended by skin care professionals, so I didn't think my skin could get any better than it was. I was wrong. After two months of
using Zaidan RN Barrier Serum under the Harmony Mousse in the morning, and under the Renu Night Cream in the evening, my pores produced less oil and
were less clogged with pollutants and gunk. After three months of this skin care regimen, my pores began to appear smaller. Now, after using ZaidanRN for
18 months, my pores are much smaller, my skin is clear and my complexion is an even tone. In addition to what they have done to make my skin beautiful,
what I love about these products is that they are lightweight, so can be worn with sunscreen without feeling heavy or greasy. After adopting a regular skin
care regimen with ZaidanRN, I stopped feeling the need to wear makeup everyday - even to work. For special occasions when I do decide to wear makeup,
the Barrier Serum, Harmony Mousse, Renu Night Cream and Eye Care Cream work well with foundation, tinted sunscreen, powder and mineral makeup -
whichever I decide to wear. Nothing slides around or looks cakey.

ZaidanRN products reflect Ida's intimate knowledge of skin and true radiance; they honor our trust in her as clients, and they produce stunning results! I have
entrusted the health of my skin to Ida for over 12 years now, through my roughest bouts with acne and sensitivity, on into booming self-confidence through
radiant skin. Both the ZaidanRN Acne Cream and Fade Cream, in my experience, reflect Ida's brilliance and unparalled knowledge as a practitioner and how
connected she is to the very personal experience of healing difficult skin problems - the products are 100% natural, something we can all feel good about. The
creams are light, gentle, and pleasant, not leaving my skin flaky or overly sensitive; results are fast and lasting! ZaidanRN is a product line that speaks directly
and with intention to all of our dreams for clear, healthy skin today! Thank you.

I've been going to Ida for over 5 years. When I first met her, my skin was oily, uneven and I suffered from acne scarring. After seeing Ida, my skin has
transformed. Not only have I noticed the changes, but others have commented on how healthy and clear my skin looks. Ida only suggests products when she
believes something is necessary and will enable me to meet my skin care goals. I use the following products: ZaidenRN Eye Care Cream - the eye cream helps
keep my eye area moisturized and reduces wrinkles and crows feet; and ZaidenRN Repair Cream - the Repair Cream helps to even out acne scarring. I use
these products everyday and I love them because they work.

When I first came to Ida at the Skin Studio in 2013, my skin was in need of a rescue! I had a lot of acne scattered around my chin and clogged pores around
my nose and cheeks. Thankfully, after over a year of seeing Ida about once a month, combined with using her ZaidanRN products at home, my skin has
cleared up! I love the cleanser, acne cream, and eye cream that Ida recommends for me.Now that my skin is clearer, I feel more confident and comfortable
when I'm out and about! Thank you, Ida!

The hardest part of adult acne is dealing with the scars that remain on my skin for months afterwards. I've tried many fancy products to minimize scarring, but
none of them have worked. ZaidanRN "Fade Cream" is the first one to actually remove my old acne spots. Her products actually work and are cheaper than
what I used to buy from the spas.
Kamon N.

I have been using the eye cream, acne cream and renu cream for about a year. My skin is smooth and radiant. I feel my 40 year old skin has stopped aging as
I have very few fine lines and my pores have decreased considerably in size. These products are better than any eye cream and anti-aging serum or cream on
the market. I recommend them to my patients as I would recommend them to you.
Dr. Tanya N Gill, OD, Optometrist

I love the products! I've been using them for at least a month now and my skin has never been softer. My FAVORITE product is step 3, the barrier repair. I dab
it on all dry areas and the remainder all over my face. It takes a few minutes for it to absorb into my skin, but it's definitely worth the time. The dryness is
gone and my skin is so soft - I love it. I also enjoy the repair and renu creams. I've been switching weekly between the two. The consistency of them is
incredible and a little goes a long way. It is amazing how after each step your skin starts to feel fresher and smoother. I've also been using the harmony
mousse each time I cleanse my face and feel the few dots I apply are far superior to any other moisturizer I have ever used.

I probably sound like a fanatic, but this product is the greatest. I cannot say enough about it. It has changed my life. I have used so many different products,
searching for the right one for my skin. I have definitely ended my search. I use the repair cream and the eye cream. My skin is firmer and smoother with less
fine lines. You can feel and see the difference after every use. I've received so many compliments like "you look like you lost weight", "did you do something
different to your hair". I say no, it's my skin !!  I will never use another skincare line again. This is the greatest, and very affordable!

I had all but given up on my skin. I was plagued by the typical teen acne years ago, which was difficult, but understandable. However, as an adult I continued
to experience very difficult skin that broke out regularly and was always red and irritated. I tried prescription acne medications, the kinds you find on
infomercials, and of course the shelves full of products you can pick up at the drug store. I had tried everything, or so I thought! I started using ZaidanRN
products three years ago. Now I get compliments on my skin! I hear comments on how healthy it looks and the natural glow that my skin has. I Thank you for
restoring my confidence! Happy beauty!

I have been going to Ida for over 10 years now. There are not enough positive words I can say about her products and services, but my testimonial will say it
all. I started getting really bad acne in my mid 20's and there was nothing that would seem to help my complexion from Murad to Dermologica to Chanel, I
tried it all. Until I was referred to Ida. I started by booking a facial and a peel. After about a month I noticed the difference, now I don't even HAVE to have a
facial, I just use her ZaidanRN skincare line religiously - I now can not tell you the last time I have had any blemishes, skin discoloration or pimples. I LOVE
ZaidanRN product, it  saved my skin!

I use three of Ida’s products, ZaidanRN Fade Cream, Renu Cream, and Eye Care Cream. The fade cream has reduced the darker areas on my cheeks, which
more mature-aged women tend to get.  Overall, I can see and feel the remarkable difference in my skin because all three products make my skin look and feel

I’ve had bad skin for all of my life, acne, acne scars and dark circles under my eyes. I even developed a thick, darkened area of scar tissue on the side of my
nose. Makeup was a daily necessity in order to hide the dark circles, the scar near my nose. and cover the acne scars.  After using ZaidanRN the dark circles
are much lighter, the scar on the side of my nose is almost gone and my skin tone has evened out. I love that the cleanser doesn’t dry my skin, that the skin
lightener evens out my skin, and the eye cream decreases the lines and darkness under my eyes. The repair cream has greatly diminished the expression
lines on my forehead.  The SPF sun protection adds moisture to my skin and is not greasy. I get compliments from people about my “pretty skin”.  Best of all, I
now feel comfortable leaving my house without makeup.
Sonia L.

I was referred to Ida by my sister and have been extremely satisfied with the results I’ve seen over the years.  I’ve used several of Ida’s products(ZaidanRN),
but can’t live without her radiant facial wash, dual action scrub, eucalyptus mask and my absolute favorite, the acne cream!  Seriously, the acne cream works
better than any product I’ve ever used, and I’ve used a lot over the years.   True story: for the first time in a long time, I left the house without wearing ANY
make-up for an entire day...not even a smidgen of powder.  It may not seem like a big deal to you, but it was for me, as it had been years since I felt
confident enough "bare it all."  Quite honestly, I've never been one to write testimonials, (this is my first!) but felt compelled and because having clear skin
has changed my life.  Bottom line:  Ida knows what she's doing, and her products (ZaidanRN) actually work, period.
K. Saniford