Pseudofolliculitis barbae is the number one complaint among our male clients. Although this problem exists among men with coarse
bred hair the incident seems to be more pronounced in black men who shave. The hair follicle in these men are curved, so the hair
tips reverse their course and reenter back into the skin instead of growing out as they normally would. Due to the reentry of the hair,
an inflammatory process occurs (redness, tenderness, swelling, and pustules). In addition, the skin of the affected areas become
discolored. Since shaving appears to be the aggravating factor in the development of Pseudofolliculitis barbae, some men have
chosen to simply wear a beard although this may not be their preferred look. However, in cases where one may not have a choice
(employment), it is important that the correct technique, equipment, and products be used. Pseudofolliculitis not only affects men, but
women with coarse hair are affected on their chin, neck, underarm and bikini areas. The skin in these areas will become sensitive
and discolored over time. Pseudofolliculitis is a chronic treatable condition; however, the client must be well educated and committed
to the treatment process. Treatments include: Gylcolic acids, Jessner peels, bleaching or combination therapy. In addition to these
treatments, the client is placed on a home maintenance program which must be followed if this condition is to be controlled.
(if experiencing skin damage)